Asheboro: Randolph County’s Special Olympics Bocce Team Practice

Tuesday of this week I took pictures of the Randolph County’s Special Olympics bocce team do one of their weekly practices at the Y in Asheboro.   I learned of the event through a neighbor in my apartment complex who is an assistant coach.

Bocce is an ancient game which involves considerable skill in throwing.   Played in a long rectangular patch of rough ground or sand approximately 60 x 8 ft., a small ball (pallino) is first thrown past the court’s center.   Players from each team then take turns trying to throw larger balls as close to the pallino as possible.

Despite having a lot of room to move around, it was still a challenge finding noteworthy shots to make a 3-picture layout and I feel that the game would look better told in video.   I talked with the coaches and staff afterwards and am considering not only shooting a practice game in video but also try making a small documentary capturing the stories of the players and the lead-up to the state qualifiers and (hopefully) the state championship which will be held around mid-October.

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One Comment on “Asheboro: Randolph County’s Special Olympics Bocce Team Practice”

  1. John Sessoms Says:

    This looks like a worthy project. I look forward to seeing the documentary.

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