Multimedia Slideshow: A Day in the Life of…

Last week I created a multimedia slideshow following the studies of a UNC-Chapel Hill biomedical engineer graduate student.  Siddharth Shenoy is doing research on lung cells found in the trachea and how they behave when mucus-like fluid flows over them.  The experiment has the potential to provide better treatment options for patients with cystic fibrosis, a disease which inhibits the lung’s ability to remove excess mucus.  This was done for my multimedia class.

The design for the device used in the experiment, as shown on CAD software.  The digital model is sent to a 3D printer which can create the pieces.

Each circle contains a lung cell culture.  The color indicates whether the culture is dead or thriving.

The field of biomedical engineering combines different scientific disciplines, such as electrical engineering.

Siddharth Shenoy: UNC biomedical engineering graduate student.

The slideshow can be accessed here.

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One Comment on “Multimedia Slideshow: A Day in the Life of…”

  1. Sean,

    My favorite work of yours thus far is your lab photos. Maybe it’s your comfort with the individual you photographed, or the crisp high key location with vibrant colors, or just the intrigue of the subject, whatever it is, you did a fantastic job capturing the area and the subject. Thank you for sharing them.

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