Greensboro: 10th Anniversary Swing Dance

Last weekend the Piedmont Swing Dance Society celebrated its 10th anniversary with a three-day event featuring multiple classes, competitions and two large swing dances with live music.  I covered the event with both a camcorder and a camera.

Taking about 1.5 years of preparation, the event was the largest the swing dance group put on in size and scope, rivaled only in audience size by their 2003 celebration which featured Frankie Manning, one of the founders of Lindy Hop.

The largest challenge shooting both in still photographs and video was the dim lighting conditions.  Fortunately, the ceiling in the room was low and allowed me to bounce the flash from my Canon Speedlite EX II with good results.  Shooting well-exposed video, without the aid of additional lighting, left me little choice but to increase the gain, resulting in grainier, fuzzier image quality.

For more information about the Piedmont Swing Dance Society, you can visit their website at

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One Comment on “Greensboro: 10th Anniversary Swing Dance”

  1. Sarah C Says:

    I’m not a photographer, but from what I’ve seen it’s very tricky to get meaningful dancing photos. I think quite a few of yours above hit it, though! They show a connection between people, and for many of us Lindy Hoppers, that’s what its all about.

    🙂 Happy 10 Years. 🙂

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