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INTERNSHIP: Quidditch at the College of Charleston (VIDEO)

November 7, 2010

Early in November, I shot a video of the College of Charleston’s quidditch team as it practiced on campus.  I used a Vixia HG21 camcorder with a shotgun mic.  Its small size made it virtually impossible to handhold without creating a very shaky image.  I still wanted mobility, however, so I opted for a monopod (the interviews used a tripod).  There were two obstacles encountered shooting the video.  First, there was a fountain on one end of the field which would ruin the audio.  This forced me to do much of my shooting on the other side.  Second, even though the practice started at 6:30 and lasted an hour, I had much less time to record video because I could barely shoot anything usable after the sun set.  I was able to brighten some of the video in post by boosting the gamma values but only to a certain extent.


INTERNSHIP: TSA Canine Bomb-Detection Unit (VIDEO)

November 6, 2010

On October 28, I covered a public demonstration of Charleston TSA’s new canine bomb-detection unit.  One of my colleagues took still photographs while I shot video.  I had limited time to capture footage and was initially worried that I did not collect enough b-roll video but everything turned out better than expected.  The video was recorded with a Canon XH-A1 using a shotgun mic (missing a windscreen, unfortunately).