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INTERNSHIP: Aramark Helps Renovate the Salvation Army

March 17, 2011

Last November I covered the renovation of the local Salvation Army center by employees from Aramark while on internship at the Post & Courier in Charleston, South Carolina.  The projects include painting a mural in the gym, painting designs on the walls of a classroom, creating benches, planting a flower garden, setting up an outdoor classroom and constructing playground equipment.  The effort was a collaboration with Care Force, a division of the non-profit organization City Year which provides corporations with opportunities to do volunteer work in local communities.


Greensboro: Lacrosse

March 17, 2011

Yesterday I shot a lacrosse home game at Grimsley High School against the Triad Club Blackhawks for an assignment. It was the first time I had covered the sport and it presented some interesting challenges. For one, the ball used had the tendency to blend into the picture due to its small size. I still captured a couple good shots, despite arriving at the third quarter. The Grimsley Whirlies defeated the Blackhawks 15-2.

NC State: Algae as Fuel

March 9, 2011

With the rapid depletion of fossil fuel supplies, the need for an alternative energy sources is very important. For class I was asked to bring back photos of subject matter related to green energy. Searching for ideas, one of my friends told me about an ongoing project at NC State in Raleigh which is studying the use of algae as a fuel source.

On January 25th I visited a graduate student of the university’s Phycology department. She was conducting experiment on Dunaliella algae to see how changes in growing conditions affects its ability to produce lipids–a molecule which can be converted into fuel. It is predicted that algae-derived fuel could become a viable energy resource within seven to ten years.

A researcher retrieves a sample of the algae. Under a microscope, she will verify the growing effectiveness of the algae by counting how many exist in a small area.

INTERNSHIP: Christmas Ornaments

March 9, 2011

While I was interning at the Post & Courier, I was given an assignment to help create the design used for a page in the newspaper about Christmas decorations.  I was asked to take pictures of several different ornaments against a white background.  The wires they hung from were removed in Photoshop.