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Doritos “Crash the Superbowl” Contest

November 17, 2012

Not long after creating my first commercial as a submission for a contest held by Buitoni, I began working on another commercial for entry in a contest, this time for the well-known snack maker, Doritos.   Unfortunately, I learned about the contest only a week before its submission deadline but the project team and myself were able to brainstorm, shoot and edit the video in time.


Compared to the 60-second time-limit allowed for the Buitoni commercial, the 30-second time-limit for this commercial was challenging as it required the storytelling to be even more concise and quick.   Writing, shooting and editing the project has definitely made me more appreciative of the effort and creativity put into the top-quality commercials that I see on TV and the internet.  Advertisers only have so little time to capture your attention and convince you to buy their product.

Joshua Eli (actor)
David Nelson (actor)
Kenji Saykosy (actor)
Andrew Cook (sound)
Sean Pollock (DP/Camera Operator/Editor)


2012 Buitoni Commercial Contest

November 5, 2012

One of my most recent works is a commercial that I shot and directed for a contest held by Buitoni, a company that specializes in various pasta products.   The intention of the commercial is to show that women love men that can cook (using Buitoni products).  Here’s my entry:

Because the main actor, Kenji, is a real-life practitioner and teacher of martial arts, I incorporated that element into the commercial.   As my first foray into creating a commercial from beginning to finish, I learned a great deal and even though I would definitely modify the message and delivery of the commercial if I had to do it again, I’m still pretty proud of the results.

The contest entries, after being reviewed by Buitoni, will be filtered down to fifteen, after which the winner will be decided by the public.   Please review the entries on Buitoni’s Facebook page and make your vote.  Voting lasts from November 6th until the 18th of this year.   My video is listed as “Sean P. (Durham, NC)”. Hopefully mine will be included in the top 15 and possibly win.   For those who vote for mine, I appreciate your support.

Kenji Saykosy (actor)
Victoria Vesce (actress)
David Nelson (sound)
Sean Pollock (DP/Camera Operator/Editor/Narrator)