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October 1, 2013

I recently collaborated on another music video project with gospel/hip-hop artist Kareem Alston (aka Remo Soul) for his song “My Glory”. Here it is:

In case you missed his first music video (“This Dream”), here it is:

If you like what you’ve been hearing, check out Remo Soul’s Facebook page here.


Greensboro: Tea Party Rally

April 21, 2011

On April 15, I was assigned to cover a Tea Party rally held in downtown Greensboro which was hosted by the Conservatives for Guilford County.  I had never been to any event related to the tea party and was curious to know more about it.

The crowd and the rhetoric were fairly low-key.  It was a considerably different from the more controversial image portrayed in the press.

Greensboro: Lacrosse

March 17, 2011

Yesterday I shot a lacrosse home game at Grimsley High School against the Triad Club Blackhawks for an assignment. It was the first time I had covered the sport and it presented some interesting challenges. For one, the ball used had the tendency to blend into the picture due to its small size. I still captured a couple good shots, despite arriving at the third quarter. The Grimsley Whirlies defeated the Blackhawks 15-2.

Greensboro: 10th Anniversary Swing Dance

September 30, 2010

Last weekend the Piedmont Swing Dance Society celebrated its 10th anniversary with a three-day event featuring multiple classes, competitions and two large swing dances with live music.  I covered the event with both a camcorder and a camera.

Taking about 1.5 years of preparation, the event was the largest the swing dance group put on in size and scope, rivaled only in audience size by their 2003 celebration which featured Frankie Manning, one of the founders of Lindy Hop.

The largest challenge shooting both in still photographs and video was the dim lighting conditions.  Fortunately, the ceiling in the room was low and allowed me to bounce the flash from my Canon Speedlite EX II with good results.  Shooting well-exposed video, without the aid of additional lighting, left me little choice but to increase the gain, resulting in grainier, fuzzier image quality.

For more information about the Piedmont Swing Dance Society, you can visit their website at

UNCG: Autumn Moon Festival

September 21, 2010

Last Saturday, the various cultures of Asia and the the Moon Festival, a traditional Chinese festival representing the end of the summer harvest, were celebrated on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in the Elliot University Center auditorium.

The event featured the participation of student groups such as the Hmong, Chinese, and Taiwanese student associations and cultural representatives from the Greensboro area.  Among the main attractions were dancers from the campus and Greensboro Chinese Association, a traditional Korean percussion ensemble and Tae Kwan-Do and Tai Chi Chuan martial arts demonstrations.  The third year running, Robert Campo, the director of the university, International and Global Studies (IGS) program, first organized the event in coordination with the addition of the Asian Studies major to IGS.  The event has grown in success ever since.

Dancers from the Greensboro Chinese Association performed at the festival.

A table was set up for visitors to have their names written out in Japanese.

Scott Rogers of the Tai Chi Wellness and Martial Arts Center in Greensboro demonstrates Tai Chi forms.

UNCG’s Korean student association performs a piece with traditional Korean percussion instruments.

Moon cakes, small pastries filled with a sweet paste filling, have a long association with the moon festival and Chinese mythology.

First Multimedia Slideshow: Downtown Greensboro Park

September 8, 2010

For my multimedia class I was given an assignment on Friday, August 27th, to explore downtown Greensboro, find a person or place which best represents the city and create a 2-minute multimedia slideshow combining pictures and audio.   Tuesday of this week I turned in my piece and it received positive comments from my instructor and peers.   The topic I chose was Center City Park, a small 1.9-acre area mainly consisting of a grassy space, sitting accommodations and fountains.   It was an ideal location in the heart of downtown for residents to relax and share a common recreational space.

Being the first multimedia slideshow I had ever assembled I faced many challenges.   Much of my time was spent in editing trying to equalize the background noises in the clips when they were combined.   For example, even though I interviewed two different people in the same location away from the fountains, the fountains sounded noticeably different between the two recordings.   That was going to painfully stand out when the two clips lie side by side so I had to use both frequency-filters and separate recordings of the ambient noise to try smoothing out everything.   In the case of the couple I interviewed, I found no choice but to leave out the lady’s voice because the difference in the background noise was too great.

I also had to deal with creating a seamless interview from each interviewee.   That should’ve been easy but, again, two sound clips, even from the same person, can sound awkward and unnatural side by side.   For instance, one interviewee seemed to end each sentence with an upward inflection as if they were questions.   I don’t see any other way to fix that situation than to consciously ask the interviewee to not respond in such a manner.   But is that how one of the professionals would do it?   Virtually everybody who does recorded interviews have across people who are awkward being interviewed yet the show must go on.

The visual side of the slideshow was, fortunately, much easier to handle but there were still concerns.   First, I did not feel I had enough pictures to accompany certain parts of the slideshow.   This dictated the pacing of the slideshow against my choice.   Now one part of the slideshow would have very little change in pictures while another part would appear to have a flurry of them in comparison.   It goes to show that one can never have enough pictures and audio, especially when it comes to creating a multimedia slideshow.

Despite the difficulties I feel that the slideshow was a good first attempt.   I’m now assembling another slideshow for class which will be due this Friday.   Hopefully I’ll avoid some of the problems I mentioned above.

The slideshow can be viewed here.