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Laurinberg: Scotland County Highland Games

October 4, 2010

Last Saturday I photographed some of the competitive activities held at the 2nd annual event.  The seven activities were stone put (similar to shot put), heavy and light distance weight throwing, Scottish hammer throwing, caber tossing, sheaf tossing, and weight for height.  Sheer physical strength was required for all of the activities, many of which had ancient origins.

Caber tossing. A long 140-pound tapered piece of hickory wood is picked up by the participant and flipped.  Scoring is based on how well the caber lands in a completely vertical position.

Competitive activities, such as tug-of-war, were available for children.

Heavy weight for distance (weight throwing).  A 56-pound weight attached to a chain is thrown by participants.

Sheaf tossing.  A 16-pound bundle of straw is tossed over a raised bar with a pitchfork.  After each elimination round, the bar is raised two feet.  The bar pictured here has been raised to nearly 34 feet.

The main page for the Scotland County Highland Games can be accessed here.