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New Cinematography Reel

March 13, 2015

I recently updated my cinematography reel.


New Film Project: Lao Warrior

January 27, 2013

“Outside of Darkness” marks my first feature film as a cinematographer.   The next feature which I’ll likely be working on is “Lao Warrior,” a martial arts film co-written, starring and directed by Kenji Saykosy.   It will mainly be shot in North Carolina.   An experienced teacher of mixed martial arts (MMA), Kenji hopes to establish himself as a star in martial arts films.  If successful, he could very well become the first of Laotian descent.

A few days ago, a Kickstarter campaign was started to raise funds for the film.  You can view the page here.   The donation periods on February 24th around 10:20pm.   It is an ambitious film and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a video which I shot for the pitch (edited by Megan Reid):

Progress in Cinematography

January 16, 2013

As I have been fairly busy as of late and have not made myself enough time to maintain this blog, I’ve decided to change that by making some new posts.  Here are some shots that I lit and shot which I particularly like, most of which are from the upcoming movie “Outside of Darkness” (the trailer can be viewed here):

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Most of the examples employ pronounced lighting ratios and close-ups.  My past experience as a photojournalist (where getting closer shots of subject matter is valued) and my love of the visual style of film noir play a large influence.

Outside of Darkness (Teaser Trailer With Movie Footage)

June 21, 2012

I’ve still been very busy with the movie “Outside of Darkness”.   The first part of the movie is finished, edited and being polished in post while the other parts are still being shot.   Because the first teaser trailer was shot very long ago, before the start of actual shooting, I created a trailer utilizing official footage.

Outside of Darkness: Teaser Trailer

March 4, 2012

Since fall of last year I have been extensively involved with a film project called “Outside of Darkness”.   It is a web series with elements of the supernatural.   The plot revolves around a Kael, a young man who is reeling over the unsolved death of his fiance, Merrena.   After experiencing several disturbing visions and voices, he is visited by a demon who gives him new information about her death.

Here is the teaser trailer which was recently released:

Most of the film has been shot around Raleigh.  The screenplay was adapted from a story written by Sharif Razzaq (the actor playing as Kael).  Working primarily as the director of photography but also, from time to time, the director, screenwriter, editor and casting producer, it is my most ambitious project to date.   Due to the dramatic nature of the movie, I have many opportunities to create very stylized shots so it is both exciting and challenging.   Episode one will be released soon as well as a website for it which I have been programming.   More to come.